Ghostly International

Independent Record Label

Spectral Logo & Ghostly Identity

Disco Nouveau

A full compilation package, including multi-page spine-bound CD booklet, 3″ LPs, a remix LP, and posters and postcards.

“The album served as a modern update of Giorgio Moroder’s famed Italo disco sound of the 1970s and 1980s. It served as a major inspiration to the (at the time) burgeoning electroclash movement and has been praised for its persistent relevance in much the same way as Moroder himself.”

Version 1.0 through 2.0 of, the website for the premiere U.S. electronic music label Ghostly International. This website had custom Flash elements including an interactive center section cycling through main content and artists. This was easily updated through an external XML file. The bottom strip was a custom-scripted audio player and faux stock ticker (just for fun).

As a forward-thinking record label, this was the height of technology at the time.