Recording Gear

Neotek Series IIIc (34x24x2)

Analog Recorders
AMPEX ATR-800 1/4″ 2-track
OTARI MX-80 2″ 24-track (currently at nearby studio)

Digital I/O
MacPro 8-core, MacBookPro
Pro Tools HD (24 in / 32 out)
Lynx Aurora 16-VT
Digidesign 192
Digidesign SYNC I/O

Pro Tools HD 10, Pro Tools 2024
Logic Pro X
DSP Quattro

AEA R84 ribbon
AKG d112
Aston Spirit
Audio-Technica ATM 450 (2)
Audio-Technica Pro37
Audio-Technica 4033
Audix D2 (2)
Audix D4
Beyerdynamic m201
Beyerdynamic m500 ribbon (Stephen Sank mod)
Beyerdynamic Opus 65
Cascade x-15 stereo ribbon
Coles 4038 ribbon
EV 635a
Groove Tubes Model 1 tube (2)
Groove Tubes Model 2 tube
Groove Tubes GT44 tube (2)
Neumann U87
Oktava MK012 (3)
Oktava ML-52 ribbon
Peluso 2247 LE tube
Royer r121 ribbon
Sennheiser 421
Sennheiser 441
Sennheiser e609
Sennheiser e902
Shiny Box 46mx ribbon (2)
Shure Beta 52
Shure Beta 98a
Shure sm7B
Shure sm57 (3)
Shure sm58 (2)
Shure 545
Shure 550L
Subkick (custom)

Microphone Preamps
AEA RPQ 500 (2)
API 512c (4)
CAPI VP26 (2)
Calrec PQ 1161 (2)
Chandler TG2 (2)
Neve 1272 (2)
Retro Instruments Powerstrip (2)
Universal Audio 2-610
Neotek Elite (34 in console)
Vintech x73
Transformer Bank (on patchbay)
UTC A21 (2)
Triad A67 (2)
Edcor XSM-600 (2)
Adam A7x
ProAc Studio 100 (Bryston 3BST amp)
Headphone System
Furman HR-6 headphone system (6 remote units)
DI, Reamp, Boosters
Cloudlifter, REAMP, Radial JDI Mono, Radial JDI Stereo (2), Radial Stereo, Radial Stagebug, Countryman, Groove Tubes Tube DI prototype, Cathedral Pipes Druham (2)
API 560
dbx 560a (2)
dbx 263x De-esser
dbx 363x 2ch Gate
Empirical Labs Distressor (4)
Highland Dynamics BG2
Orban 418a Stereo Limiter
Retro Instruments Doublewide (2)
Retro Instruments Powerstrip (2)
Universal Audio 1176LN
Urei LA-4 (2)
Valley People Dynamite (2)
Valley People Gain Brain II
Valley People Comander (2)
Valley People Kepex II (3)
Valley People Leveller (2)
Alesis Microlimiter

Rack Effects
Alesis Midiverb III
Ensoniq dp/4+
Furman RV-1
Lexicon Jam Man
Lexicon LXP-15
Intersound PRV-1
LT Sound Reverb Control Center
Multivox Multiecho (2)
Yamaha Rev 500
Yamaha SPX90

Novation Bass Station II
Sequential Circuits SixTrak
Moog The Rogue
Elka Rhapsody 490 String Machine
Hammond L-100 Organ with MTI Rotophaser (Leslie)

1960s Ludwig kit (20″ kick, 12,13,16)
1970s Slingerland kit (22″ kick, 12,13,16)
Ludwig Black Beauty Snare (14×6.5″)
Pearl Maple Free-floating snare (14×6.5″)
Simmons electronic kit (SDS-8)
Percussion box (box of percussion)
Digitakt Elektron

Ampeg SVT-410HLF cab
Ampeg SVT 400T
1970s Fender Champ
Fender Deluxe Reverb (’64)
Kustom 250 head (w/ built-in effects)
Music Man Seventy-Five head
Orange Bass Terror 1000

Music Man ported 1×15 cab
Mesa Boogie 1×15 Diesel cab (2)
Fender 1×12 cab

Earthquaker Devices Plumes
Earthquaker Devices Blumes
Deadbeat Echolation Station
Deadbeat Modulation Station
Morley Fuzz/Wah/Volume
1970s Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man/Chorus
Ibanez AD99 Analog Delay
DOD 680 Analog Delay