Be Hussey is an award-winning recording engineer, mixer, and producer.

He has recorded a variety of artists including several Part Time Punks sessions with Modern English, Luna, Swervedriver, The Church, Boy Harsher, Soft Kill, SRSQ, Alcest, Choir Boy, The Ocean Blue, Chameleons, and more

He won a Latin Grammy for Best Engineered Album and Best Portuguese Pop Album (2016 Céu – Tropix)

His Los Angeles recording studio comp-ny was a musical energy hub from 2003-2021, and his new recording and production studio is #CATWATER in LA’s Atwater Village neighborhood.

TANGIENTS is Chelsea Ray & Be Hussey, a gazey post-punk duo in Los Angeles

He wrote, recorded, and toured internationally as a member of Radar Brothers (Merge Records), touring with bands such as Modest Mouse and Teenage Fanclub.

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