Be Hussey is a musician and music producer

He has recorded a variety of artists and recorded and mixed several Part Time Punks sessions with Modern English, Luna, Swervedriver, The Church, Boy Harsher, Soft Kill, SRSQ, Alcest, Choir Boy, and Chameleons UK

Although primarily focused on independent music, he received Latin Grammy awards for Best Engineered Album and Best Portuguese Language Contemporary Pop Album from working on 2016 Céu – Tropix

#CATWATER is the production studio in LA’s Atwater Village neighborhood

comp-ny was a musical energy hub from 2003-2021. Long live company

In music groups: TANGIENTS, Radar BrothersGUIDESMorsel, Name of the Moon

Be Hussey has been a Sr. Art Director for E! Entertainment, Designer for Ghostly International record label,  and Interactive Designer for NBCUniversal, MGM, Warner Bros., and Disney