Be Hussey

Be Hussey is a lifelong creative visionary working professionally as a music producer, musician, studio owner, art director, and graphic designer for over 20 years.


Be Hussey is an award-winning recording engineer, and has been working in studios for 20 years. Upon relocating to Los Angeles in 2003, he founded the recording studio comp-ny. In 2016, Be Hussey won a Latin Grammy for Best Engineered Album (Céu – Tropix). He has worked with a diverse array of artists such as Kim Deal, Wand, Peaking Lights, pinkshinyultrablast, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, and Madlib. He is a go-to engineer for Part Time Punks studio sessions, recording a range of classic artists from Modern English, Luna, Swervedriver, The Church, and The Ocean Blue to modern groups such as Soft Kill, Tennis System, Holygram, Boy Harsher, Myrkur, …Trail Of Dead, and many more. His passion for recording music can be traced back to his first real band recording their debut record with famed engineer Steve Albini (Nirvana, Pixies, PJ Harvey) in Chicago. He continues to record and mix several projects per year.


Be Hussey is a specialist in Design and Art Direction, and has worked with a variety of entertainment companies (E!, MGM, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros., Disney, etc), most recently as Senior Art Director for E! Entertainment / NBCU. He was an early adopter of web design and web front-end technologies, focusing on Flash, and web animation early enough to catch the first dot-com crash.

Hussey was a one-person “agency of record” for Ghostly International, one of today’s most creative and prolific independent record labels. He co-created the Spectral logo, branded 12″ LP jackets, and designed and programmed (v1.0), all of which created a solid foundation for the label to continue to thrive to this day. In addition, he has created several music-related packaging projects, from die-cut 12″ LPs to multi-page CD booklets, as well as creating over 75 original hand-screenprinted posters for music promoters in the 1990s.


Be Hussey has been a recording and touring musician for over 25 years, most recently creating the L.A. post-punk/shoegaze group TANGIENTS as bassist/guitarist/keyboard/producer. TANGIENTS continues his pursuit of swirling sonics and ambient textures, this time accompanied by haunting,  yet beautiful vocals. Both debut singles feature his bass playing, synth work, and complete music production (recording, mixing, mastering). The video for “White Foam” features his video editing.

The group was formed during the dissolution of GUIDES who released two EPs in 2015/16, which Be recorded and produced. He has written and toured internationally as a member of Radar Brothers (Merge Records) between 2008 and 2014, touring with bands such as Modest Mouse and Teenage Fanclub. Be was a touring bassist for Haunted Summer, an L.A. dream-pop band, doing several US tours. He mixed their last album and is currently producing and mixing their latest full-length (along with playing some bass and drums) which will be released in 2020.